Client Testimonials​

  1. Wonderful experience! Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me. I'll be back for more. Bless you. ~ C. Doscher 11/01/2015
  2. Beth is an amazing healer, she has helped me reach peace and harmony in my life. She is always encouraging me, and these sessions are priceless. If you need to find yourself, she can help you achieve your personal goals through Reiki healing. ~ Megan H. 06/23/16
  3. I had a long distance session with Beth and it was a great experience. She was so genuine and approachable that she's perfect for a first time Reiki session, as was the case with me. Her sessions are a tremendous value and I look forward to the next time! ~ Reilly T. 02/07/16
  4. Beth is the best best best. I was always curious about Reiki but kinda skeptical about it. But after my first session with Beth I knew it was not only legitimate but also so helpful and essential to my life. I was looking for some healing after a really tumultuous time. Beth really helped me. She gets me back on track every time. I trust her!! Thank you for helping me. See you soon!!! ~ Ruby P. 08/08/16
  5. I really enjoyed the sessions I had. In my stressful life it was wonderful to have an hour or so of such relaxation that lasted for several days after. Also, you are such a nice person it is a pleasure just to be around you! ~ Paul T. 08/18/16
  6. I found my Reiki treatments with Beth brought me peace during a lengthy period of extreme worry and stress. It released my anxiety, relieved the joint pain I had been suffering, was relaxing, very gentle and a pleasant and calming experience. ~ Deb 08/19/16
  7. Beth you are amazing!!!!! Just simply THANK YOU!!!!! ~ Molly 08/20/16
  8. A very good session that has helped me to see the things that I knew deep down inside of me were true, and which I tried to ignore. Reassuring to know that my life can be better and happier than it is now. Feeling alot better!! ~ H. Lomes 08/30/16
  9. My first session was an amazing experience. I walked out of there a different person. Thank you for your time and understanding. I really look forward to the next session on this journey. ~ T Soley 08/31/16
  10. I came in today not knowing what to expect. But by the end I was feeling emotionally, intellectually and physically in a brilliant place. The Reiki treatment was amazing and it really helped me to understand and feel at one with myself. BETH WAS BRILLIANT!! Quote for the day "live in the now moment". Thank you Beth!! ~ T. Popel 09/01/16
  11. Such a soothing experience!! I have done a few sessions and always feel more balanced afterward. Brings my anxiety down and provides mental clarity. Very much looking forward to my next session. ~ D. Martin 10/6/2015
  12. Wonderful experience. Beth is genuine, kind and will make you feel comfortable and at ease. I had a very nice session with her recently (my first reiki session), and it was quite powerful! ~ Dawn T. 09/17/16
  13. The experience was very powerful. I felt incredible energy and saw many different colors while Beth was working on me. I went to get relief from back pain. It's yet to be determined if that will happen. A lot factors involved with physical pain. ~ Thomas R. 09/17/16
  14. I found the experience incredibly energizing. I felt relaxed like after a full body massage but also full of energy. Still feel that way the day after. I recommend it. ~ Barb M. 09/19/16