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Offering **30** minute quickie energy balancing session & **60** minute full body chakra clearing sessions
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Reiki is Excellent for chronic conditions!! 

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$35 now $25  ~ 30 min Remote Healing Treatment
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Receive Reiki benefits across distances, address the source of dis-ease, whether past or present. 

Description :

The unlimited abilities of Reiki allow it to be sent across distance, time, and space. In this way, distance healing treatments can occur, as well as treating dis-ease carried over from past lives or childhood.   The Reiki energy is simply sent by the Reiki practitioner to the point and level where the healing needs to occur - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is not necessary that the client be aware of exactly what is causing the dis-ease, either in the present or the past.  The Reiki practitioner or the Reiki energy, itself, will "know" where to go. Reiki energies can also be "sent" to meet you at an appointed time in the future.

During the appointed time, you will need to find a place to lie down or sit quietly without disturbances so you are better able to receive the healing energies. This takes approximately an hour but less intensive sessions lasting about a half hour are also available.  

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